Rappan Athuk

Warrior's Rest

After quite a bit of suffering and enduring the not-so-easy Mouth of Doom, our nascent heroes headed back for Zelkor’s Ferry in dire need of rest and safety. The party’s cleric, Thrainn was running really low on blood after the rendezvous with the Stirges in the pools’ chamber. The trip was quite pleasant, with only two relevant encounters. On the first one, our atypical bunch of heroes had the chance to know one of the brave patrols that scan the Coast Road for outlaws. There, maester Fierigo Hass had his glory time tormenting a poor half-elf footman, manipulating him into desertion. This proved crucial for the second encounter, as the party later found out.

A few days after spending one safe night with the patrol, the Alchemist found the battered, almost unrecognizable body of the poor half-elf footman. Thrainn quickly realized that he had been victim of a vampire and soon proceeded to cleanse the remains, hence preventing the breeding of a vampire spawn at the very gates of Zelkor’s Ferry.

Once there, the party quickly showed what it is well prepared for (apart from getting stung by stirges): commerce. Fierigo and Flicking offered Odo the possibility of designing a watermill for the village, potentially attracting more common folk as workers to the settlement and maybe planting the seed for an eventual town development. The innkeeper spent his year’s income in the project and almost became himself deptor at the hands of the reckless Fierigo and during the two weeks in which the party stayed for a well deserved rest, people started to come to saw trees and start to work in the project.

Eventually, our enterpreneurs remembered that they were adventures, bound to seek Orcus himself or die at the attempt and prepared for the next delve into the higher ground of Rappan Athuk. The were full of life and with some new items that could make their life easier, not the least of which was a Handy Haversack crafted by Dainn.

The journey to the Dungeon was much quicker this time (with horses) and no significant encounter took place. Once again inside The Mouth of Doom the party went down the illusory pool to the next level, The Demon’s Gullet.


Auchen Auchen

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