Rappan Athuk

Vrock and Roll Pt. 2

The party’s first strategy was based on not knowing the two recent members for a long time: the archer, Corben and Hass fled as son as the Vrock appeared. “Gibberish” saw them entering through a nearby Wall but could not manage to get a grasp at the mechanism. Krel entered a state of rage and tried to pose a fight, but was beaten with the demon’s first blow, so the rage ended (leaving him exhausted and at the doors of hell) and the barbarian barely managed to shut the door of the damned temple of the Chance Gods leaving him and “Gibberish” outside and the Vrock inside. They called for their new companions as the beast slammend at the door, not managing to shatter it immediately. In a second’s notice, they had a plan. Corben used a wand to make the group’s weapons magical for a while and the party was split. Corben and the Archer waited in the secret room while the gome would wait at the far end of the corridor with the rest. When the door was finally smashed, “Gibberish” managed to trick the beast with some ilusory sounds. This allowed for Corben’s first set of daring shoots with his peperbox. Although he was sure no man could withstand the forcĂ© of one of his shots, the strike barely seemed to produce a scratch on the massive vulture-like creature.

A series of hit and run tactics ensued, with Hass summnonig small creatures to harass the Vrock, “Gibberish” throwing bombs at it, Corben and the archer hitting him from a distance and Krel… withstanding in front of him for less tan 9 violent seconds. In that time, the brave half-orc managed to open two wounds on the foul beast, but he himself ended up torn to pieces. With no front-liner to slow the Vrock, the hit and run tactics turned desperate but in the end the daring Gunslinger blasted the demon’s head and the party could finally rest and lick their wounds, but only after clearing yet another 7 dire rats!!


Auchen Auchen

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