Rappan Athuk

They chose a bad day to leave the Gullet

On the next adventuring day and after some free minor restorations by Thrain, they party left their frieng forging stuff and went to try to finish the explorarion of the Gullet. After giving a thought or two to the idea of getting Flicking to know the Statue of Wishes, they decided it would probably be besto to test their luck once they were better suited in case things went south. This decision might have had a direct effect on the outcome of the gaming session…

They resumed their exploration with the empty room’s second secret door. Inside, they found a strange altar with two balc candles that wnet alit upon the first tread. They also found three stirges that surprised Grumgr (maybe no link will be comming, you’ll see) but were quickly finished by one of Flicking’s bombs. After searching around the room, the heroes were convinced that the only elements of interest within were the two candles. An interesting discussion started on how to or even if to examine them until Fierigo started summoning one of his famous monkeys. This triggered an expeditious retreat of the rest of the party to the previous room.

Fierigo had the monkey play around with the candles and nothing seem to happen. Outside the room however, the other three were having an interesting encounter with yet another 3 stirges. When the fight was over they heard a noise coming from the room with the altar. They found Fierigo lying unconscious on the floor with one black candle in his hand, no sign of the monkey. The two rounds the group spent getting the tiefling out of the room proved fatal for the Summoner, who might have joined his companion Lengüita in whatever weird plane he found her.

The remaining members decided to take the Tiefling’s body to their base at the Mouth of Doom, where Thrain would cast a Gentle Repose on it. There, they found the strangest Gnome they would get to see (literally) in their lives: Magnus Magnifico el Poderoso (no need for alink here either). The little fellow was wearing a magical full plate and a no less magical bastard sword. Magnus was shiffling the party’s treasure shouting curses and claiming the whole Rappan Athuk to be boring and completely harmless. As the party was heading back for Zelkor’s Ferry for reinforcements and also to sell loot, the Gnome decided to join them.

They decided to cross the bogs this time, and this proved to be their undoing. Flicking found a patch of Quicksand. He was wise enough to recognize the immediate danger and none fell on the dangerous ground. Alas, nobody was smart enough to remember that there are THINGS that wait near quicksand patches, for they always present them with FOOD.

Alla of a sudden, four tentacles big as trees caught Grumgr unaware and started turning him into pulp. Heartbeats later, from the mud rose one of Death’s many faces…

A Froghemoth!!

Kyriel (no link coming here I’m afraid) blasted one of tentacles with his magic missiles, oonly to find they did nothig but scratch the beat’s tough hide. Magnus charged forward and did a healthy cut into one of the tentacles, while Flicking was having trouble getting the hell off his horse and trying to break a new world record in 100 mt swamp. Before the brave Grumgr could do anything, including entering his rage, the Froghemoth crushed him to gore.
Seconds later the tentacles reduced Kyriel to a bloody pulp while the mad Gnome Fighter, let himself be swallowed whole to try to slay the beats from within. It didn’t work out.

Alone, weary and stranded, poor Flicking made the best he could to stay on the “safe” side of the road, and during the rest of that awful day he only had to avoid a nest of vipers. During the night, he decided (another fatal error) that he needed sleep. It was during his nap that death found him…

… in the form of a Will’O’The Wisp that waked him up with an electric blast. The brave Grenadier fought valiantly but the cruel spirit blasted him to near death-state. Flicking’s dying body was found by a pack of trolls who had him for supper.

Warrior's Rest

After quite a bit of suffering and enduring the not-so-easy Mouth of Doom, our nascent heroes headed back for Zelkor’s Ferry in dire need of rest and safety. The party’s cleric, Thrainn was running really low on blood after the rendezvous with the Stirges in the pools’ chamber. The trip was quite pleasant, with only two relevant encounters. On the first one, our atypical bunch of heroes had the chance to know one of the brave patrols that scan the Coast Road for outlaws. There, maester Fierigo Hass had his glory time tormenting a poor half-elf footman, manipulating him into desertion. This proved crucial for the second encounter, as the party later found out.

A few days after spending one safe night with the patrol, the Alchemist found the battered, almost unrecognizable body of the poor half-elf footman. Thrainn quickly realized that he had been victim of a vampire and soon proceeded to cleanse the remains, hence preventing the breeding of a vampire spawn at the very gates of Zelkor’s Ferry.

Once there, the party quickly showed what it is well prepared for (apart from getting stung by stirges): commerce. Fierigo and Flicking offered Odo the possibility of designing a watermill for the village, potentially attracting more common folk as workers to the settlement and maybe planting the seed for an eventual town development. The innkeeper spent his year’s income in the project and almost became himself deptor at the hands of the reckless Fierigo and during the two weeks in which the party stayed for a well deserved rest, people started to come to saw trees and start to work in the project.

Eventually, our enterpreneurs remembered that they were adventures, bound to seek Orcus himself or die at the attempt and prepared for the next delve into the higher ground of Rappan Athuk. The were full of life and with some new items that could make their life easier, not the least of which was a Handy Haversack crafted by Dainn.

The journey to the Dungeon was much quicker this time (with horses) and no significant encounter took place. Once again inside The Mouth of Doom the party went down the illusory pool to the next level, The Demon’s Gullet.

Small Bugs also kill

Weary after their monumental battle against the Vrock the party realized that the wouldn’t last for a very long time without a divine spellcaster and decided to return to Zelkor’s Ferry to hire a cleric or equivalent.
On the way to the hamlet they managed to avoid contact with two different species of giant spiders and witnessed the pass of the mighty Drusilla the Druid and her 30 wolves. Fortunately, she must have been in some kind of hurry and there was no conflict at all.
This time our heroes decided to interact a little bit more with the village’s inhabitants. First they arrived at Odo’s Tavern were cheered by the crowd after relating their victory over the demon. They sat on the table and shared supper with a newly arrived party of adventurers. It consisted of Merryn, a young rascal from the north, Prod, holy cleric of Thyr and Sym, a shy arcanist, always delving in his spellbook.
After supper, Fierigo , Finking and Will (the grim archer) went to Kalgor the gemcutter and got 800 gp from a diamond they found among the Vrock’s remains. There, they promised to try to mend the dwarves eyesight and found out that at Rasmus Pye’s there were valuable items to be found. Should they need special healings or worse, Ulman Dark was to be their man. So to Rasmus they went. There, they found that the dealer sold his last wand of cure light wounds to Merryn, but there were two single potions left and good deal of useful valuables to trade for the heroes’ fresh gold. Fierigo Hass acquired a strange brew that would help him drinking alcohol and again they went into the tavern. There, after a not-so-fair drinking competition, Hass won the wand for the party. In order to ease the party’s backslash, they decided to hire them all. It would prove a tragic decision.
Again they moved to the street, this time heading for the Necromancer. Ulman Dark sold them one of his potions and after they could calll it a day, Fierigo, the gnome and Will met in front of the Blacksmith with two armored dwarves. The first answered to the name of Dainn, and claimed to be a cleric of Torag. He looked himself very much like an anvil. The other fellow was his cousin Thormund, paladind of the Father of the Forge. They came out of the mountains a few months ago and the world seemed strange to them, politically and geographically. Also, they had never heard of Orcus until very recently, so they decided to go out and seek this new (?) evil so that it might be destroyed.
Will also noted some quirks in some of Zelkor’s Ferry’s inhabitants. They kept speaking of a place called Bard’s Gate but suddenly switched it for Riddleport. Noone seemed to notice that they wre doing this. And no-one had ever heard of Bard’s Gate.
Thormund and Dainn, on the other side knew for sure that the valley outside they mountains had no name, but was now called Stoneheart Valley. Something was wrong with the world…
Having decided that they worked more or less for the same purposes the dwarves decided to join the gnome and the humans and set the next dawn as starting point for their new march on the Mouth of Doom.

One day and a have passed without major events and on the night before the expected arrival at the mouth of doom tragedy ensued. All were asleep but Fierigo and Merryn when a big flock of Stigers (16) fell upon their sleeping comrades. By the time Fierigo and Merryn heard a subtle buzzing, Sym and Prod were already white as ivory and Will was severely injured by four of the creatures. Their friends were being drained in their sleep! Merry sounded the alarm and fired an arrow at one of the bugs that was feeding on Will, but failed. Fierigo summoned an eagle that managed to finish off one of the creatures, but it would prove to late for the archer. Dainn could wake up almost in time. He managed to kill one of the monsters that was draining him and when he was feeling that life was escaping from his body and his soul was about to meet judgment upon the Great Anvil, the parasites abandoned their preys, their bodies bulging with stealed blood. The battle was over, but the price in lives was high: Will, Prod and Sym did not see the light of the next dawn

Vrock and Roll Pt. 2

The party’s first strategy was based on not knowing the two recent members for a long time: the archer, Corben and Hass fled as son as the Vrock appeared. “Gibberish” saw them entering through a nearby Wall but could not manage to get a grasp at the mechanism. Krel entered a state of rage and tried to pose a fight, but was beaten with the demon’s first blow, so the rage ended (leaving him exhausted and at the doors of hell) and the barbarian barely managed to shut the door of the damned temple of the Chance Gods leaving him and “Gibberish” outside and the Vrock inside. They called for their new companions as the beast slammend at the door, not managing to shatter it immediately. In a second’s notice, they had a plan. Corben used a wand to make the group’s weapons magical for a while and the party was split. Corben and the Archer waited in the secret room while the gome would wait at the far end of the corridor with the rest. When the door was finally smashed, “Gibberish” managed to trick the beast with some ilusory sounds. This allowed for Corben’s first set of daring shoots with his peperbox. Although he was sure no man could withstand the forcé of one of his shots, the strike barely seemed to produce a scratch on the massive vulture-like creature.

A series of hit and run tactics ensued, with Hass summnonig small creatures to harass the Vrock, “Gibberish” throwing bombs at it, Corben and the archer hitting him from a distance and Krel… withstanding in front of him for less tan 9 violent seconds. In that time, the brave half-orc managed to open two wounds on the foul beast, but he himself ended up torn to pieces. With no front-liner to slow the Vrock, the hit and run tactics turned desperate but in the end the daring Gunslinger blasted the demon’s head and the party could finally rest and lick their wounds, but only after clearing yet another 7 dire rats!!

Vrock and Roll (for new PCs...)

Part 1.

After Remigius’ pityful defeat by Vorlak the Ogre, Kahlor proved to be a resourceful dwarf and fooled the band leader to business treaty: to explore the Mouth of Doom together and share loot (with Vorlak at the profitable side). Good roleplaying came this time with excellent rolls (natural 20 on bluff) and son Tanis, Kahlor, Vorlak and some 50 Kobolds set off to the Dungeon to first look for the rest of the party (Remigius didn’t tell them of their fate before getting his skull smashed). A quick exploration of the pair’s known section of the Mouth of Doom lead them to a new part… one that included a complex succession of secret doors that lead to too narrow ceiling for Vorlak. With the promise to meet once they found their lost comrades, Tanis and Kahlor moved onward, with an escort of 5 kobolds. After stepping out of the dais where the statue of Orcus was set the wnt on through a corridor… into a pit trap that the trap expert disabled BY TRIGGERING IT. Inside the pit they found yet another hole that seemed to lead to another level of the dungeon.

Thinking (not quite wrong at all) that maybe their fellow adventurers also fell into the trap, Kahlor and Tanis went down to the next level. There, they found a long corridor with a door to the west and a twist to the east. The chose the door, found a shorter corridor with another door and behind it a large naked room, its only feature a 10 feet square red carpet. Tanis went to examine the carpet, dreaming of fabulous treasures to be fond… and fell instantly asleep. Not knowing what to do, Kahlor hesitated for a moment, only to hear some passing rattling noises and son found himself fighting against six skeletons. They were no match for Pharasmas righteous fury against the undead and at the very moment that Kahlor was considering entering the carpet to fetch Tanis, Vorlak came demanding immediate results, treasure, or he would get a dwarf’s head as a trophy.

The resourceful dwarf tricked the stupid giant again into following his will and got it carrying Tanis’ sleeping body. Correctly deducing that if the rest of the party had gone through the pit shaft there must have been at least a slight clue, the undid their way and found themselves on top of the pit trap. To the north lied a cell which contained three sleeping mortals. After waking up the strange group, Kahlor got to know a Little bit about each of them:
- One was a human pirate by the name of Corben, armed with a strange weapon that seemed to automatically shoot bullets.
- Another one was a silent human soldier, some kind of archer, by the looks of his slender figure and his excellent bow.
- The other one was strange surprise. No doubt, a tiefling, Hass, his family name. There was something unusual about the infernal outsider, it was like he was not completely alone…

With the presentations over, Kahlor had still to hear some terrible news. All of his friends were now dead, smashed by a massive Stone block after triggering some kind of trap attached to a treasure chest. The bodies had already started to rot and Kahlor could only muster an invocation to Pharasma for his friends’ souls.

It turned out that his newfound companions were of the daring sort and so they decided to test their luck in the altar of the Gods of Chance. Hass had no special fortune, but Corben got the infamous result, “Demon, Demon, Demon”, and thus a Vrock was conjured. A bloody fight started, with Kahlor dropped into unconciousness by the beast’s very first blow and our heroes barely made it out of the room running for their lives. They tried to fool the demon into the pit-trap, failed, lead them unto Orcus Statue and passed under it but their weapons did not seem to strike true, no matter how accurate their tries. So they hid, and when the beast was donde with the hunt it did was scavengers usually do. He took Tanis’ and Kahlor‘s sleeping bodies and offered them upon Orcus’ statue, then carried them down the stairs. The original party had fallen to a man.

The remaining comrades decided to explore further and discovered a room filled with 10 dire rats. There, amazingly, they discover yet another two people sleeping: one was a gnome by the name of “gibberish”, his kight coths filled with all kinds of pots, tubes and substances and the other was a half breed. A half orc, in fact. He went by the name of Krel and speaking and thinking were not precisely his strong points.

Folllowing their chaotic natures, the héroes decided to pay the Gods of Chance their due respect. Nothing of interest was drwn from the central altar, until Krel rolled “Demon-Demon-Demon”. This time they decided to fight, and what a fight it was! But that is a matter of another narration…

The carnage so far

Day one:
Kahlor the Young, dwarven cleric of Pharasma gathers a group of adventurers in Zelkor’s Ferry to explore and fully map the Mouth of Doom. Every memgber of this group of would-be heroes descends from and adventurer that went for the same quest some 80 years ago along with Kahlor the Wise, the cleric’s uncle. Two trips managed this group of heroes to the Mouth of Doom, but from the second incursion, none returned.

The group consisted of the following people:
- Kahlor, male cleric of Pharasma. Dwarf.
- Remigius Aposta, shoanti barbarian, greatson of a sacred berzerker that joind the old Kahlor’s party.
- Saori, Aasimar Paladin of Sarenrae. She wants to know more of her ancestry, but Kahlor would only hint that one of her grandparents was in fact a celestia entity.
- Tanis, a varisian wanderer, trapper and ocassional thief.
- Dirzo, a chelaxian bard wanting to compose an epic poem on the Mother of Graves.
- Angmar, a very atypical elven wizard, prone to wine and meat excesses and with a harsh sense of humor.

After very quick preparations our heroes set off for the Mouth of Doom. One of this preparations was hiring Mr. Tork, a local carter, and his cart, in order to be able to carry large amounts of loot. This first day of the trip was quite pleasant but uneventful.

Day 2:
The party finds the remains of a deceased halfing, with evident signs of violence (and worse, instrumental cannibalism). They search the remains and find the track of a group of Gnolls.

Day 3: The find the gnolls’ lair and decide to surprise them during the daytime. They quickly dispatch the small gang of 6 members.

Days 4-5: The journey continues, and without major disturbances, the adventurers real the entrance of Rappan Athuk.

Days 6-8: The party successfully explore a number of rooms in the first level, fall to several pit traps and get to timely discover others and fight not few dire rats. Greed does not make them fall to death by green slime, thanks to Kahlor’s mastery of stone constructions. While trying to help Tanis out of a pit trap, the party is surpirsed by a group of Kobolds. Remigius’ fleet feet and powerful muscles end the kobolds’ try to run away once they realized that this gorup of people had the blood of heroes running through their veins.

Day 9: Soon someone realizes that some of the trials the party faces on a daily bases consume a number of resources. At this moment figures start to speak for themselves and Tanis suggests to split the party so that he and Kahlor go outside to hunt small game and gather roots and fruits, as they were quickly running out of supplies. The plan is to meet in the entrance in 3 days.

Day 10: Tragedy strikes. After brilliantly defeating a terrible fire cobra and finding a secret passage to a room with a misterious statue, the remaining four members discover 2 different ways out of the current level. They also find the slightly deranged Gelver, who for some reason finds Angmar (maybe only his wine) reasuring. After a curious but disappointingly uneventful run with the gods of chance, greed takes the best of the group. Having come across a heavy chest full of treasure, Angmar and Remigius decide it is time to gather winnings, go outside and sell loot in Zelkor’s Ferry. When they start pushing the chest around the ceiling becomes Death itself and kills Dirzo and Angmar outright while leaving Saori and Gelver bleeding to death. The sturdy barbarian tries to help using Dirzo’s Wand of Cure Light Wounds but is struck with eldritch energies instead. Realizing that staying for more time there would mean the death of him he carries Gelver´s body (who had miraculously stabilized) and heads for the main entrance, avoiding two zombies on his way.

Tanis, Tork and Kahlor have a hard time trying to find hunt and indeed become themselves the hunt…

As Remigius comes out of the Mouth of Doom he notices that his companions haven’t arrived yet. He decides to follow their tracks, only to find the remains of Tork’s cart in the border of some woods. There, the buzzing roar of more than hundred slings prepared surprises the barbarian.
Vorlak. the ogre, boss of 112 kobolds makes his offer. He would trade Tanis, Kahlor and Tork for Remigius’ gear and treasure. Remigius tries to provoke the brute and win the kobolds for himself and Vorlak gives in to a singular challenge.

Remigius valiantly enters his sacred state of fury and hurts Vorlak twice, indeed threatening his life and wiining for himself some cheers by the kobolds. The ogre clumsily fumbles his first, terrible strike and Remnigius is not able to finish the job. Time stands still, even Tanis’ and Kahlor’s hearts cease to beat when it seems that Vorlak is going to make a big mistake and uncover his guard, but what happens instead is tragedy. The club strikes true, smashing Remigius’ skull into gore and bone splinters. The day is lost. The heroes have fallen.

The thrill of the violent kill and the sudden burst into Vorlak’s self esteem makes him want more, and Tanis makes a brilliant gambit. If Vorlak leaves them free, he would tell of his terrible might as fighter and his cunning as a general. He is going to be famous. He is going to be feared. His name is going to be used to frighten kids and adults alike. Vorlak likes theidea indeed and strips both Tanis and Kahlor of all but knife and underwear and send them on the road to Zelkor’s Ferry, battered, bruised, humilliated, but alive.

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