Rappan Athuk

The carnage so far

Day one:
Kahlor the Young, dwarven cleric of Pharasma gathers a group of adventurers in Zelkor’s Ferry to explore and fully map the Mouth of Doom. Every memgber of this group of would-be heroes descends from and adventurer that went for the same quest some 80 years ago along with Kahlor the Wise, the cleric’s uncle. Two trips managed this group of heroes to the Mouth of Doom, but from the second incursion, none returned.

The group consisted of the following people:
- Kahlor, male cleric of Pharasma. Dwarf.
- Remigius Aposta, shoanti barbarian, greatson of a sacred berzerker that joind the old Kahlor’s party.
- Saori, Aasimar Paladin of Sarenrae. She wants to know more of her ancestry, but Kahlor would only hint that one of her grandparents was in fact a celestia entity.
- Tanis, a varisian wanderer, trapper and ocassional thief.
- Dirzo, a chelaxian bard wanting to compose an epic poem on the Mother of Graves.
- Angmar, a very atypical elven wizard, prone to wine and meat excesses and with a harsh sense of humor.

After very quick preparations our heroes set off for the Mouth of Doom. One of this preparations was hiring Mr. Tork, a local carter, and his cart, in order to be able to carry large amounts of loot. This first day of the trip was quite pleasant but uneventful.

Day 2:
The party finds the remains of a deceased halfing, with evident signs of violence (and worse, instrumental cannibalism). They search the remains and find the track of a group of Gnolls.

Day 3: The find the gnolls’ lair and decide to surprise them during the daytime. They quickly dispatch the small gang of 6 members.

Days 4-5: The journey continues, and without major disturbances, the adventurers real the entrance of Rappan Athuk.

Days 6-8: The party successfully explore a number of rooms in the first level, fall to several pit traps and get to timely discover others and fight not few dire rats. Greed does not make them fall to death by green slime, thanks to Kahlor’s mastery of stone constructions. While trying to help Tanis out of a pit trap, the party is surpirsed by a group of Kobolds. Remigius’ fleet feet and powerful muscles end the kobolds’ try to run away once they realized that this gorup of people had the blood of heroes running through their veins.

Day 9: Soon someone realizes that some of the trials the party faces on a daily bases consume a number of resources. At this moment figures start to speak for themselves and Tanis suggests to split the party so that he and Kahlor go outside to hunt small game and gather roots and fruits, as they were quickly running out of supplies. The plan is to meet in the entrance in 3 days.

Day 10: Tragedy strikes. After brilliantly defeating a terrible fire cobra and finding a secret passage to a room with a misterious statue, the remaining four members discover 2 different ways out of the current level. They also find the slightly deranged Gelver, who for some reason finds Angmar (maybe only his wine) reasuring. After a curious but disappointingly uneventful run with the gods of chance, greed takes the best of the group. Having come across a heavy chest full of treasure, Angmar and Remigius decide it is time to gather winnings, go outside and sell loot in Zelkor’s Ferry. When they start pushing the chest around the ceiling becomes Death itself and kills Dirzo and Angmar outright while leaving Saori and Gelver bleeding to death. The sturdy barbarian tries to help using Dirzo’s Wand of Cure Light Wounds but is struck with eldritch energies instead. Realizing that staying for more time there would mean the death of him he carries GelverĀ“s body (who had miraculously stabilized) and heads for the main entrance, avoiding two zombies on his way.

Tanis, Tork and Kahlor have a hard time trying to find hunt and indeed become themselves the hunt…

As Remigius comes out of the Mouth of Doom he notices that his companions haven’t arrived yet. He decides to follow their tracks, only to find the remains of Tork’s cart in the border of some woods. There, the buzzing roar of more than hundred slings prepared surprises the barbarian.
Vorlak. the ogre, boss of 112 kobolds makes his offer. He would trade Tanis, Kahlor and Tork for Remigius’ gear and treasure. Remigius tries to provoke the brute and win the kobolds for himself and Vorlak gives in to a singular challenge.

Remigius valiantly enters his sacred state of fury and hurts Vorlak twice, indeed threatening his life and wiining for himself some cheers by the kobolds. The ogre clumsily fumbles his first, terrible strike and Remnigius is not able to finish the job. Time stands still, even Tanis’ and Kahlor’s hearts cease to beat when it seems that Vorlak is going to make a big mistake and uncover his guard, but what happens instead is tragedy. The club strikes true, smashing Remigius’ skull into gore and bone splinters. The day is lost. The heroes have fallen.

The thrill of the violent kill and the sudden burst into Vorlak’s self esteem makes him want more, and Tanis makes a brilliant gambit. If Vorlak leaves them free, he would tell of his terrible might as fighter and his cunning as a general. He is going to be famous. He is going to be feared. His name is going to be used to frighten kids and adults alike. Vorlak likes theidea indeed and strips both Tanis and Kahlor of all but knife and underwear and send them on the road to Zelkor’s Ferry, battered, bruised, humilliated, but alive.


Auchen Auchen

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